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Dublin to London.

Two Irishmen move from Dublin to London to make their fortune. When they get there they decide to split living costs. Paddy pays the rent and Seamus buys the food.

The first day in their new flat Paddy comes home after work and says to Seamus " I paid the landlord. Did ye get the food Seamus. Seamus replies "Sure I did Paddy. Its in the fridge." Dats great " says Paddy, "Oim starvin" So he opens the fridge and there's about 50 bottles of Guiness in there. Then he sees at the bottom corner just half a loaf of stale bread.

"Are we having some kind of house warmin tonight" says Paddy. " No, sure we're not" says Seamus.

"Then what's all the bread for"

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