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fond of the drink.

Angus McEwan was very fond of the drink and one night while walking home, passed out in the middle of the street. Along came Molly Malone and saw Angus lying in the street. She walked up to Angus and whispered in his ear, "Angus I have been watching you and to let you know that I have been watching you, I am going to give you something to remember me by". She pulled out a blue ribbon from her hair and tied it around Angus's twig and berries and soon she was on her way. A half an hour later, Angus woke up and stumble home the rest of the way. When he arrived at home, he went to the head and pulled out his unit to find the blue ribbon tied nicely around his johnson. Angus stated, "Laddie, I don't know where you been, but you won first prize".

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